Getting Started
Creating a Character
You must choose your Nation: El Morad or Karus. El Morad is a land of barbarians and humans, while Karus is the realm of Tuareks. You cannot create characters from both Nations on the same server, so choose your side wisely. After choosing a nation you will then come to the character creation area. Clicking on “Create Character” will let you make a new character to explore the lands of MAXKO.
The next thing you will have to do is pick a class. Adventurers in MAXKO choose between these exciting classes.
Each of the 4 classes branches into new classes at level 10 and level 60. Depending on your skill tree choice, each class will play differently!
You will now be asked to assign 10 bonus stat points. This lets you begin customizing your character right from the start. The primary stats for your class will be highlighted in blue, but the choice of how to distribute the points is your own. There are 5 stats in MAXKO:

STR: Strength determines physical attack/defense ability.

DEX: Dexterity affects dodging ability and ranged attack power.

HP: Health points measure a character's life force and ability to withstand damage.

INT: Intelligence affects the magic points available to a magician or priest.

MP: Magic power affects the damage a character's magical spells inflict.
You may purchase stat point redistributions from Grand Merchant Kaishan in Moradon at any time in your knight's career.
Customize & Name
Last but not least, finish creating your character by adjusting his or her appearance and creating a unique name. Names must be between 4 and 20 alphanumeric characters, and may not include inappropriate language (profanity, racism, etc.). Refer back to the Terms of Use if you have any questions regarding a name's suitability.
Click "create character" to complete the process and create your character. You are now ready to enter the world of MAXKO! Once you return to the character creation area, click Start to begin playing MAXKO.

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