Castle Siege


Castle Siege Wars now have a new castle and zone - named Delos. The leader of the Knights who control Delos gains the benefit of collecting taxes from Moradon and Delos.

Participation in Castle Siege Wars

The basic requirement for participating in the Castle Siege War is being a member of a clan with a grade 3 or above OR you must in a clan with grade 4 that is aligned with a clan that is grade 3 or above.
You may enter the war zone on saturday at 21:00 server time . You must be in Delos by 21:10 in order to fight in the war.

Castle Siege War Rules

Controlling the Artifact located in the central area of the castle is crucial to controlling the castle.
If the artifact is damaged or destroyed during the one hour castle siege war, the artifact will automatically regenerate itself.

Destroying the artifact by either side will result in that artifact being regenerated in its place for the clan that destroyed it. When time has run out the clan that has their artifact in the center of the town will own the castle.

Castle Siege War schedule

Additional Info
War Zone Opens In 10 minutes the Castle Siege War begins.
War Ends If the artifact remains in place and neither clan has destroyed it - resulting in a stalemate, the original owner of the castle wins.

(1) Penalty

  • There are no penalties in the Castle Siege War.

(2) Spawn Point

  • The spawn point for the owner is inside the castle. The invasion forces will spawn in a designated safe zone. You may use the Priests resurrection skill to spawn in the same area. (Delos) Castle Siege War Zone
  • The main parts for the Castle Siege War are divided into three main areas:
  • Delos Castle, the battle field, and the Desert Fortress..

(1) Delos Castle

  • Inside the castle: There is a door in the central area where the artifact is.
  • Castle gate: All members belonging to the clan that currently owns the castle may open the gate.
  • Artifact: The artifact determines the owner of the castle.

(2) Battle Field

  • Battles take place here.
  • Monsters do not exist here.

(3) Desert Fortress (Safe zone)

  • This is the designated safe zone before the war.
  • The invasion forces spawn point.
  • Physical and magic attacks have no effect here.
  • The Desert Fortress gates will remain closed until the war begins.

Castle Siege War Weapons


- Shoots flame cannon balls to a target far away.

Catapult Speed: 1m/s
Defense: 2000
Resistance: 3000
HP: 5000


- A weapon that is used to destroy the gate.

Ram Speed : 1m/s
Defense: 1000
Resistance: 5000
HP: 15000

Leader Car

- Only the confederacy leader that is attacking can be in it.
- Uses defense magic that affects a certain area near the car.

Leader Car Speed : 1m/s
Defense: 2000
Resistance: 3000
HP: 10000

Ladder Truck

(Climbing over castle walls)
An armored truck that extends its ladders to allow users to climb over the castle wall.

Ladder Truck Speed: 1m/s
Defense: 1000
Resistance: 2000
HP: 10000

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