Lunar War

Lunar War is a mega PvP event where each nation tries to kill key NPC's to invade enemy territory. You must be level 30 or above to enter the war. Only the first 100 players from each nation are allowed. To enter the war, use the warp gate in Moradon to teleport to the Lunar Valley at the time shown below. If your nation wins the war, then go to the enemies' base and look for the Victory Gate (the Victory Gate teleports you to the invasion staging area in the enemy's home nation). After an hour of invasion, you will be teleported back to your hometown.

Please read the details below for more information.

War Schedule

[All times are in Pacific Standard Time(GMT +1)]

Days Hours
Wensday 15:00
Wensday 22:00
Sunday 15:00
Lunar War
Experience Points Experience loss only occurs in the event of death while having zero National Points or meeting the blade of the guards, warders, or Keeper and will result in the loss of 1% experience!
National Points When you kill a user of the opposing nation you will gain 50 National Points
  Dieing to a user of opposing nation will result in the loss of 25 National Points
Restrictions 200 users from each nation will be allowed to enter the lunar valley during war times
  Level 30 and above
1 10 minutes after the start of Lunar War, the clan leader of top 5 clans from each nation with the most combined national points will become the commander
2 The commander may use the command "/command" in order to command all the users. Command will show on top of the screen
3 The commanding authority will not be lost even if you get killed

Taking Control of the Enemy's Base

To capture the enemy’s base you must first defeat both warders. The user that strikes the final blow will have his character name announced across the server in scrolling yellow text. This user will also be rewarded. This user will gain 1,000 National Points.
Keeper Killing the keeper will end the war. This user will gain 3,000 Notional Points in addition to having his character name scroll across the server  in yellow text.
Jail If you die or /town you will be sent to jail where you must wait for jail gate to open. Jail doors open every 3 minutes and will remain open for only 20 seconds.
Summoning A magician cannot summon their party members that are in jail, but a magician that is in jail can summon their party member outside the jail.
Protection You're only safe in your nations own jail.
Elmorad Jail Outside   Jail Door Open
Elmorad Jail Inside   Karus Jail Inside
Requirements For Winning Lunar Gate War

1.  Kill all enemies 3 NPC Guards (Warder 1, Warder 2 and the Keeper)

2.  If the war doesn't have a winner; victory will be given to the nation with the most kills.

Elmorad Keeper   Karus Keeper
Elmorad Warder 1   Karus Warder 1
Elmorad Warder 2   Karus Warder 2


Invading The Defeated Nation
Invading Gate When the winner is decided, the winning nation can invade the enemy's country through the enemy's warp gate from the war zone. Everyone from the winning nation will be able to teleport to the defeated country
Defeated Nation The defeated nation's players will be teleported backs to their nation to defend against the opposing invasion
Invasion The players are invading enemy's nation cannot use the warp gate or set the resurrection spot in the enemy's nation
Safe Zone A small area near the Lunar Gate entrance in the defeated nation will be the save zone for the invader. The invader will spawn in this safe zone. You will not be attacked within this safe zone. The enemy's NPC that may enter this area will be killed immediately. (They'll spawn back at their own original spot, according to regeneration time.)
End of Invasion When the invasion time is over, the invading nation's players will be teleported back to their own nation and the NPCs will return to their original position
Coin You will lose 100px of your coin after you get killed by the enemy players
National Points You'll earn 50 National points if you kill an enemy nation's player
  You will lose 50 National points if an enemy's nation player kills you
Village Monument There is a Monument in each village. If the invading nation destroys the opposing nation's village monument, the possession of the monument will be turn over to the invaders

When the invaders have taken over the village:

a) A notice will be display stating "XXXXX village has been overrun"
b) The monument will be replaced with the invader's nation and in one minute from the invaders that are within 100 meters from the monument will be awarded with 50 National points and 50,000 coins
c) If the invaders defend their monument for 10 minutes, they will be awarded with 50 national points and 50,000 coins
d) From then on; 25 national points and 25,000 coins will be awarded every 5 minutes

When the defending nation retakes its village from the invaders:

a) A notice will be displayed "XXXXX village has been captured"
b) When the defenders recapture their village from the invaders, their monument will replace the invaders monument and the defending nation's users that standing 100 meters from the monument will be awarded with 50 national points and 50,000 coins with in 1 minutes
c) The defending nation will only be rewarded when they have retaken the village from the invaders

Retaking The invaders can try to retake the village from the defending nation once they lose the village back to the defending nation
El Morad/ Luferson
The village battle may be held in 3 villages in each nation's main zone simultaneously, the reward given for over taking over the main village (El Morad and Luferson) will be 4 times as much as the other villages


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