Forgotten Temple
Event Schedule

The Forgotten Temple schedule is as follows:
High Level - 10,17 and 2 hours MAXKO Standard Time
You need to go talk to the NPC Priest Iris in Moradon in order to go to the Forgotten Temple.


Rules Forgotten Temple:

1. Only the first 32 people can enter the Forgotten Temple.
2. You can teleport to Forgotten Temple through the NPC Priest Iris in Moradon.
3. You cannot earn any coins/items in Forgotten Temple. The only thing you can earn is experience points.
4. When you're in the Forgotten Temple, you can teleport back to Moradon by typing the command 'town' or by disconnecting from the game, regardless of your current HP.
5. When you kill all the monsters in Forgotten Temple, you'll receive a Forgotten Coupon.
6. There's a 45 minute time restriction in Forgotten Temple. If you do not eliminate all the monsters within 45 minutes, the gate to the temple will be closed.
7. You can form party inside the Forgotten Temple, regardless of your nationality.
Rewards for Forgotten Temple

Forgotten Temple's reward is an item called FT Coupon, you have to collect and exchange them for valuable reward

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